FHT can make food/beverage industry more efficient.



FHT technology can improve of lot of areas in pharmaceutical industry.



FHT product and technology enhance auto body paint mixing and spraying.

  • FHT has a strong engineering team to research, design and develop new fluidic control systems and/or complete production units.

  • FHT engineering team works very closely with customers to solve any new or existing fluidic control issues.

  • FHT engineering team will take and consult any fluidic control projects  from concept design to finished product to satisfy customer requirements.

  • FHT will help the customers to improve their fluidic control system and/or complete units using FHT advanced Electrical Rotary Valves (ERV).

  • Here is an example how to improve and develop the fluidic control system with FHT new ERV (see attached file)

  • 1. Using three Valves instead of 21 Valves (as an example shown in Fig) will reduce the cost greatly and simplify the control system as well;

  • 2. The complete unit size installed with the new ERV valves will be much smaller than any current one;

  • 3. Requiring less valves, the new complete unit will have much less potential failures and much higher reliability;

  • 4. Also, it will be much easier to maintenance and replace the signal component;

  • 5. No more internal dead area means much easier to flush and clean up the internal fluidic paths.

  • This new FCS will provide more innovation and revaluation for all similar projects and the relative industries.



FHT product and technology can be used in many medical devices.



FHT product and technology will benefit the printing industry.



FHT can help environmental industry in cleaning, analysis and treatment.



FHT provide advanced coating, cleaning and mixing in semiconductor industry.



FHT can be used in broad analytical labs and devices.



FHT will help paint manufacture and apply technology.

Chemical Industry


FHT product and technology can help  chemical industry in precise mixing, transmission and formation.

Fluidic High Technology (FHT) is the worldwide leader in the research, design and manufacture of high efficient atomization spray nozzle system and high quality fluidic control system.