Fluidic High Technology (FHT) is the worldwide leader in the research, design and manufacture of high efficient atomization spray nozzle system and high quality fluidic control system.




Executive team

S. Krause – President/Founder

experience working as a mechanical engineer and as an experienced project leader. His diverse career includes diesel engine research, bulldozer design, commercial coating equipment design and Orthopedic implant and instrument design. He is a certified FAA aircraft mechanic who started professional life as crew chief in the US Air Force.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Master of Engineering (MEng), Mechanical Engineering degree, and a US Air force veteran.

H. Takahara, PhD – CEO/Founder
Dr. Takahara is a senior level of project manager and engineer with more than 25 years experiences in fluidic industries, medical instrumental industries and Airspace/Military industries. His expertise spans project management, production development, manufacturing procedure, production quality control, marketing and financial analysis.

Dr. Takahara holds a Bachelor of Fluidic Mechanical Engineering from Qinghua University in Beijing, China, a Master and PhD of Mechanical and Material Science from Yokohama National University in Yokohama, Japan. Dr. Takahara has 10 Patents and 10 published papers.

T. Zhu – VP of Electrical and System Engineering/Founder

Terry has been working as Principal and Senior engineer for numeric US companies and Chinese research institutes. His expertise and nearly 30 year experience covers the areas of military, industrial and consumer electronic and system.

H. Liu, PhD – VP of Information Technologies/Founder

Dr. Liu has over 28 years of broad experience in chemical engineering, biomedical science and information technology fields.  He has worked in several fortunate 500 companies specializing in cross-disciplinary systems, integration, IT infrastructure, and production support.

Dr. Liu earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Rochester.